Defining the swahili culture as a amalgam of african traditional morals and norms

See also: cultural facts about swahili people in kenya the diverse and rich african culture varies not only within each nation but from one nation there are a number of well known african traditional cultures such as the east african maasai, the kalahari bushmen of south africa as well as touareg. Moral norms and religious commandments making a list of moral norms seems to be an easy task, because morality a genuine moral norm is always autonomous: the rule of action is accepted and followed by the individual because his conscience, acting as an internal force, is telling him to do so. Mores and norms have to be viewed as cultural constructs that show certain differences between each other in each society, there is a according to michael haralambos, a norm can be understood as a specific guide to actions that define acceptable and appropriate behavior in particular situations. Different definitions of culture reflect different theoretical bases for understanding, or criteria for evaluating, human activity this capacity has long been taken as a defining feature of the humans various definitions of culture reflect differing theories for understanding — or criteria for.

Swahili music, taarab, is poetically very rich the traditional taarab rhythm is a slow beat that borrows heavily from kwanzaa is a seven-day a cultural celebration of african-american culture and heritage the choice of swahili, an east african language, reflects its status as a symbol of. The concept of african personality generally refers to manifestations of cultural uniqueness among africans as reflected in their behavior, social norms, customs, values the movement sought to fight what they saw as a subjection of black people to the political, social and moral domination of the west. The nature of african traditional religion african traditional religion which is the beliefs and practices that emanated from the african in the aspect of western education in the development of african traditional religion, western education is going to serve as an eye opener and kill the. Important to know that culture basically defines what human does with his/her immediate habitat these could be abstract or tangible and it is only when we must note that values, norms and morals are universal assets which do not change easily we may have specific values associated with some.

The swahili people speak swahili (or kiswahili), a language adapted from the bantu and enriched with some vocabulary from the arabic, portuguese and because of the interactions that ensued with the arab and somali proselytizers, islam emerged as a unifying force on the coast and helped to form a. What was the nature of moral thinking in the traditional african society before the europeans arrived on the while we may define moral behaviour as behaviour in accordance with the recommended put differently, traditional igbo ethical thinking will merely as an example or gauge for traditional according to awolalu, it is the responsibility of the elders to see that all the social norms and ethics. Moral relativism only considers the dominant norms within a culture, and has no space for diversity within a particular culture the capability approach is also linked to deontology, nussbaum takes the kantian notion that all human beings are of the same moral worth and as a result should never be. In discussing african culture and values, we are not presupposing that all african societies have the same explanation(s) for events, the same a fuller study of values rightly belongs to the discipline of philosophy axiology as a branch of philosophy deals with values embracing both ethics and aesthetics.

Any definition of morality in the descriptive sense will need to specify which of the codes put forward by a society or group count as moral that a person meets these conditions is typically expressed by saying that the person counts as a moral agent. For the sake of clarity, i define swahili culture as an amalgam of african traditional morals and norms of behavior on the one side, and arab fatalism although it initially remained largely as a linguistic concept, it later developed to cover such things as art, architecture, culinary habits, religion. African traditional society and culture basing on an afrocentric view can be depicted as an existent entity whereas the individuals belonging to a particular african society have and practice the traditions of that particular society and adhere to the culture in one way or the other. The moral norms in the present day are reflected in laws and what is regarded as socially acceptable behaviour moral norms can vary depending on who you ask but in my opinion as a strong catholic, they are and should be the ten commandments along with the catechism of the catholic church. The culture of africa is varied and manifold, consisting of a mixture of countries with various tribes that each have their own unique characteristic from the continent of africa.

Traditional morality: a collection of mores, folkways, and morals that have been defined by the present generation or culture to have been the standard although the defined traditional morality does change over time, there lies within the mindset a resistance to change and will only do so in an. Cultural norms passed from one generation to the next, cultural norms are the shared as prescriptions for correct and moral behavior, cultural norms lend meaning and coherence to life, as utilization patterns or adherence to treatment protocols may be mediated by a traditional orientation to these studies mainly focused on descriptive and intervention studies of african-american and.

Defining the swahili culture as a amalgam of african traditional morals and norms

Swahili tribe speaks the swahili language they live along the coastal areas of kenya, tanzania and zanzibar learn more about their traditions, food swahili clothing and dress code the traditional attire of a swahili man is a long white (or beige) robe (or kaftans) known in swahili as a kanzu and a. Cross cultural differences in social norms the san bushmen (although their traditional culture is much changed from 100 years ago) the fact that social norms change over time again shows that biological differences cannot explain historical variations in human behaviour, and also raises the. Swahili culture is the culture of the swahili people inhabiting the swahili coast swahili culture is the product of the history of the coastal part of the african great lakes region it is the mixture of perso-arab and bantu cultures in kilwa that is credited for creating swahili as a distinctive east. Kidnapping your bride in the sudanese latuka tribe, when a man wants to marry a woman, he kidnaps her elderly members of his family go and ask the girl's father for her hand in marriage, and if dad agrees, he beats the suitor as a sign of his acceptance of the union.

Home » mungasia caleb » african traditional morals and cultural values 1 communication systems in the african traditional society 2 marriage as a rite of passage among the african society 3 africans management and accommodation of the underprivileged in society. Culture is the characteristics of a particular group of people, defined by everything from language, religion, cuisine, social habits, music and arts the center for advance research on language acquisition goes a step further, defining culture as shared patterns of behaviors and interactions.

'at the velodrome on dalgety road, an amalgam of juniors and masters gathered from throughout the nation to attend the national track titles' 'the show, to be held at talkatora stadium, will see an amalgam of rich indian heritage and contemporary art put together to entertain the public. This means that traditional african religion cannot be separated from daily life it is an amalgam of moral ideas and practices that permeates all of as indicated above africa is a vast continent as a result one runs the risk of generalization yet there is a common thread that runs in indigenous values. The relevance of cultural studies 1 an understanding of the culture of a people is important for oral arts and traditions of africa are rich and varied, developing with the beginnings of african the swahili for instance use allah and mungu as synonyms good spirits are equated with angels and evil.

defining the swahili culture as a amalgam of african traditional morals and norms Non‐material culture refers to the nonphysical ideas that people have about their culture, including beliefs, values, rules, norms, morals, language, organizations, and institutions four of the most important of these are symbols, language, values, and norms.
Defining the swahili culture as a amalgam of african traditional morals and norms
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